Disability Resources 

Disability Resources

Disability resources are absolutely imperative for most of us with disabilities. And I should know; I am  deaf and have TBI, C-PTSD . My daughter has Down syndrome, a disability that is different from mine, my son is on the Autism spectrum, and I’ve been on a quest to understand both better.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of trying to understand it, either. I find disability to be fascinating as a concept, much like others are fascinated with culture. The history of people with disabilities, how disability presents itself, what difference means. I enjoy questioning mainstream ideas of disability and I thoroughly disagree with the medical model of disability – that is, that disability is something to cure, that people with disabilities are broken bits of flesh that need fixing.

This blog and the disability resources I point to follow the social model of disability.


Disability Resources Blog Posts That I've Written

The Best Disability Groups on Facebook For PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES!

This is about the best disability groups on Facebook FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. It's available in distraction-free (- no ads) PDF for my patrons, linked here. It's also at the end of this post for people who benefit from access to PDFs. Cross-Disability Community on Facebook "Cross disability" means all disability. It means inclusive of all [...]

MORE Fun & Highly Educational Stuff For Kids With Disabilities (and without!) to Do Inside

This post is a list of things of fun stuff for kids to do and that help during quarantine. It leans hard on "fun educational" and it addresses kids with disabilities. This is available in a downloadable PDF for my patrons, linked here. It's also at the end of this post for people who benefit [...]

How to Communicate With Masks On (Because Lipreaders Are Screwed)

How to Get Free Hearing Aids

This is about how to get free hearing aids. If you have questions about other resources or this, you can contact me in my "You Ask, I Answer," series or join my Patreon to ask questions in my monthly open-house. This post is available for download on my Patreon site (linked here). Alternatively, you can [...]

How to Stop Your Child From Eloping: A Guide for Parents of Children with Autism and Down Syndrome

This is about ways to keep your bolting child safe. "Bolting", "eloping" or "child who runs away with abandon" - this post is about ways to keep the child who is a runner, safe. Your "Runner" - Keeping the Eloping Child Safe Bolting is very common with kids with Down syndrome and Autism. It's also [...]

Down syndrome Groups on Facebook (That Can Change Your Life)

Every group you could ever want. And then some!

How to Open an ABLE Account: Save Money and Keep Disability Benefits

This is a post about how to open an ABLE account. It is a neutral post, not committed to any one type of ABLE account. It is a source of information and is not sponsored in any way. What is An ABLE Account? "ABLE" is an acronym meaning "Achieving a Better Life Experience". ABLE accounts [...]

How to Get a Free Movie Disability Companion Pass

This is about how to get a free disability companion pass at a movie theatre. I love going to the movies, and I love taking my kids to the movies. I love everything about it: the experience of being excited to see something, the anticipation while waiting in line. I love the comforting feel of [...]

How to Get Your FREE Lifetime National Parks Disability Access Pass (Military & 4th Grade Too)

This is about how to get a FREE lifetime National Parks Disability Access Pass. If you are serving with US Military or a 4th grader, you can also qualify for a free annual Parks Pass, and this post will show you how to do it! America has 61 protected areas known as National Parks and [...]

Gifts Made by People with Disabilities

The 2016 Ultimate Gift Guide for Disability – your personal guide to supporting businesses with a positive connection to disability – is here!

The Disability Organizations Doing the Best Work These Days

This is a list of the best disability organizations - that is, organizations doing great work with disability. It is updated from an original 2018 list. This is a handy list to have for Giving Tuesday, or if you want to connect with a great organization for an internship, do research on what leaders in [...]

Hearing Fatigue is Real & This is What You Can Do About It

Why I Switched From My ABLE-Now Account

This is a post about ABLE accounts and switching from an ABLE-now account to a different ABLE account I set up ABLE-now accounts for myself and for Moxie (those were links to posts that I wrote about setting up the accounts). I was really happy to do both, because I was actually paid by ABLE-Now [...]

Mac iOS 13 Accessibility Updates

This is about the new Mac iOS13 Accessibility updates, and the disability related Memoji options Mac recently updated iOS 13. With the update, their Voice Over was expanded on. Here's a good short on some of the possibilities with the new Voice Over: iOS 13 Voice Over Update Here's a tutorial on how to use [...]

Video Series on Sex Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities

This is about the vibrant, engaging, powerful new video series that is a guide to practical sex education for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities. I have a daughter with Down syndrome. Having been raised with disabilities myself and been part of the extremely high percentage of deaf children and youth who are sexually [...]

How to Use Apple Clips for Live Captions

This is a tutorial on how to add live captions to the free app,  Apple clips. I'm going to cover how to add set it to live transcribe what you are saying, and how you can edit the "craptions," or what was recorded in error. This is the thing: I can rarely understand videos that [...]

The Kindness Calendar and Kindness Bucket Lists (Free Printables)

This is about the Kindness Calendar, which can be used at any time of course, but it was made with Down Syndrome Awareness Month in mind. It has been updated to include a new (free) printable with graphics and a pdf list (which might for easier reading for some people), Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Down [...]

How to Get Amazon Prime with EBT or Medicaid

Affiliate links are in this post! That means that if you buy something using a link in my post, I’ll get a percentage of the profit from Amazon (thanks Jeff!), but you pay no more. It’s a great way to support the work I do, so thanks! Amazon Prime Membership with an EBT or Medicaid [...]

The Best Books on Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Here are some of the best books on understanding traumatic brain injury, traumatic brain injury symptoms, traumatic brain injury recovery, and just overall traumatic brain injury awareness. They are written from my perspective as being a person who lives with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Most of these books are linked to Amazon, which means if [...]

How to Tell if Your Child With Down Syndrome Needs Therapy

This post is about how to tell if your child with Down syndrome needs therapy. It is written from my perspective as a mother of a child with Down syndrome. That I am deaf and come from a disability-advocate standpoint, I am sure also affect the perspective from which I write. How to Tell if [...]

The Very Best Down Syndrome Book Resources

This post is about best Down syndrome book resources - from memoirs to resource books. It's intended for parents and professionals working with people with Down syndrome.  The ones that I most highly recommend I have put an * before. Remember: your local library should offer most of these books, and if they don't, you [...]

Fixed Income, SSI/SSDI? Here’s How to Save and Make Money Through Ibotta

This post has affiliate links. That means that if you sign up using my code, I'll make a percentage. I want you to know though that there is no way I'd be writing this post unless I myself used this and I honestly thought it had benefit to others. This isn't some scamming post. Read [...]

Best Prime Day Deals with Disability in Mind

Affiliate links are in this post! That means that if you buy something using a link in my post, I'll get a percentage of the profit from Amazon (thanks Jeff!), but you pay no more. It's a great way to support the work I do, so thanks! Amazon Prime Day is coming up, a day [...]

FREE Stuff for Kids with Disabilities (and/or Kids with Special Needs)

From foundations and grants to books, bikes and benefits – a big list of places that can help out with free stuff for kids with disabilities

FREE Stuff for Adults with Disabilities (and/or Adults with Special Needs)

free stuff – resources, equipment, discounts, leads, scholarships and more, for adults with disabilities and/or special needs

ABLEnow: A Game Changer for People with Disabilities

ABLEnow is sponsoring this post, but it’s not sponsoring my love for this program or its ease of use. All ideas and opinions are mine alone. All of us in the disability community know how messed up the system is for us. We’ve been stuck in poverty for decades, due to the conditions that surround [...]

ABLEnow: Disability & Savings

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ABLEnow. The fact that they are sponsored this is icing, because I was writing this post anyway. I've set up an account with them because I wanted to; all opinions in this post are my own. Legend has it that some parents from the [...]

Down Syndrome Book Resources: 20 Indispensable Books for Parents & Community

This is a post about Down syndrome books - that is, books related to Down syndrome that serve as Down Syndrome book resources: for parents and the community. This is a list of books that are fantastic, either ones that I have read or have been recommended by other parents in the Down syndrome community. If you [...]

How to Help People with Disabilities in Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has wrecked devastation throughout the Texas area. It has been downgraded from "hurricane" to a "tropical storm" but has stalled over Houston, bringing over 23 inches of rain. There are people with disabilities stranded in their homes, unable to reach the roofs. Portlight, an organization that works with people with disabilities in disaster [...]

Resources for New Parents of a Child with Down syndrome

Resources for  New Parents of a Child with Down syndrome Resources for  new parents of a child with Down syndrome are crucial, as I discovered seven years ago while I was expecting my daughter, Moxie. Having had an amnio, I knew she was coming with Down syndrome. I suppose my background in disability should have made it easier, [...]

Disability Blogs

an incomplete list of blogs by people with disabilities

4 Reasons to Add Captions to Your Videos & How to Do It on YouTube!

It’s not just for us deaf (but we are important enough for that to be the only reason, right?!)

Disability Resources