The King’s Speech Discussion Questions

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The Lit League (Riveting Book & Movie Club with Disability Intersections) chose The King’s Speech to watch and discuss.

We’ll be discussing it on Twitter on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 8pm CT (that’s 9pm EST, 6pm PST and 3pm my Hawaiian time 🙂 )

How to Participate: 

Start your answer to Q1 with A1, and include #TheKingsSpeech in your tweet so we can all see it as we follow the hashtag.

Let’s begin with the questions that I’ll be posting on Friday!

The King’s Speech: Questions for Discussion

Q1. Why does Bertie want his brother King Edward VIII to be king?

Q2. What do you think the turning point in the movie was?

Q3. Do you think there was really a psychological reason for Bertie’s stutter? If so, what was it?

Q4. Do you believe Logue’s theory that speech impediments come from some deep psychological pain? Why or why not?

Q5. How does Logue finally convince Bertie that he deserves to be heard because he’s a human being (and not because he’s a king)? What do you think the larger significance of this is?

Q6. Class played a large role in this story; do you think class played a bigger role than disability in this film? Why or why not?

Q7. How do you think “I have a voice” translates to the rest of us with disabilities?

This is a group chat, so if there are other questions you’d like to have asked, please comment and I’ll be sure to add them!


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