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Watching people on their motorbikes in Saigon is something of a zen experience. – How do they do it? How does their calm stay? Does it stay?

They seem to react to one another like the current in a river; moving and flowing. Traffic lights are not used much; there is an awareness of one another here that I find lacking in the United States.

They are watching each other here.

They see each other and they don’t seem so insistent to push their own way, to force their way first, to cut in front of another guy.

Mind you, I’ve only been here a short while. But this way of driving and interacting with strangers is striking to me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

Meriah Nichols -1

Mikey and I have also been astonished with how friendly people are with us. They seem so relaxed, gentle. There is an innocent playful generosity that we’ve seen with many – I don’t mean to be patronizing by saying that. But people here have done things like offer the kids part of what they are drinking themselves in this way that makes it like, WHY NOT offer the child something tasty that they are enjoying themselves? Germs/drugs/things added to hurt a child seem to be an unknown concept. We’ve become so scared and jaded in the US, you know? And often scared of all the wrong things… (but I still wouldn’t let the kids accept the drink offers…except from this guy – Mikey’s step-dad 🙂 )

Meriah Nichols -13

So, I’m in love with most of the Vietnamese people that we have met.

It’s an amazing place.

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  1. idlehouse says:

    i think traffic in VN is the #1 fascination many travelers have noticed, but it is also the #1 headache that the natives often rant about. To me, it is very much like driving in LA on the freeway, typically you would be doing just fine, cars weaving in and out, you minding your own business, but 1/5 times you will surely get cut off or tailgated, or fingered, etc. etc.. you just never know it’s your turn until it hits you. The general rule is “follow the other guy, he seems to be safe,” and not “follow the traffic laws and regulations and we’ll all be fine.”

    Glad you guys have enjoyed it. I do miss the feeling of walking down the street and any grandma/auntie person can be approached.

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