Reasons to Celebrate: New Video for World Down Syndrome Day #LeaveNoOneBehind

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CoorDown Onlus has released “Reasons to celebrate” video with the world today!

Reasons to Celebrate

This video had me in tears because it nails exactly how I feel right now.

I want to celebrate the fact that my daughter and her tribe are these really cool people who have gifts, skills, talents and awesomeness to offer the world. Just like I want people to see my own deaf tribe that way.

I want people to recognize how much people with Down syndrome have to offer, but not just that (because that feels like it ties their personal worth to their ability to contribute), I want people to understand their intrinsic worth and importance in this world, in and of itself.

We are a human family: that is true in all racial diversity and it is true in all disability diversity. WE ARE ONE.

And my belief is that unless and until we recognize and value ALL of us, NONE of us can truly move forward.

We will be amazing when we see this truth and are able, ready and willing to offer opportunities to ALL people of all genders, sexes, race, disabilities. We will be amazing when we see that each gender, sex, race and disability has so much to offer, a unique contribution that can only be made by that person in that space.

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Meriah Nichols is a career counselor, teacher and blogger. Single mom to 3 (one with Down syndrome, one gifted 2E), she is also a cat-loving Trekkie who likes her coffee hot and black.
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