Run Movie Review: image of a woman seated in a wheelchair looking down at a woman sitting in front of her. the woman in front of her is touching her chin. Both are white, with brown hair. It appears that they are in a drugstore.

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This is a review of the movie, Run, starring Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allan, which is currently playing on Hulu.

Spoilers are in this review!

Run: A Movie with Some Pop

Run is the first move in a long time to star an actual wheelchair user in a lead role, and that’s pretty exciting for all of us in the disability community. Check out the trailer to get a glimpse at the lay of the movie:

What Joy!

I started watching this movie after a DSM-5 class where we were literally covering Munchausen by proxy. Freaky!

When I first started watching it, I was absolutely thrilled with the mom talking about how capable Chloe is, how she wasn’t worried at all about her. Everything in it could not have been more ideal.

From there, the suspense picked up and up and things became clear in time that it was really her mom who had major issues, and that Chloe was not in a good place.

This movie was very satisfying to me

It had just the right amount of suspense for a (suspense-hating) person like myself to handle. It had brilliant acting, really great cinematography. And the story went the route from good to bad to worse to bad to good to … what-the-hell?

I did have some thoughts about Run:

  1. The end: HUH?! Why? I really didn’t understand that flip to her being an evil person. I guess it was the twist to knock us off balance? But it seemed really unnecessary and kind of awful.
  2. What about the mailman? I want to know he made it out okay and not in pieces
  3. That MacGyvering…As a mother myself, I do give Chloe’s mom credit for raising her to be such a bad-ass in life-hacking ways. I mean, she was so isolated – homeschooled! meager access to internet! rural living to the max! – that her skill sets had to have come from her mother teaching her them. I admire that.
  4. I also admire the fact that they chose an actual person with a disability for the role. Like, more than anything, I admire that, because bona fide disability representation is rare indeed.

So, that’s my take on Run, the movie – what’s yours?

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