September 14

Book Review of Say Something, by Peter H. Reynolds


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This is a book review of Say Something, by Peter H. Reynolds. This is a children’s book.

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I am always looking for quality books for my children to engage with. In these troubled times, I also look for quality books that help teach my children important points, and/or that allow me ways to express important concepts.

Speaking up is one of those concepts that I strive to talk about and install in them. I myself may not always be perfect at it but I still want to try, and want my kids to as well. It’s in the trying, after all, that we grow strong.

Since I have disabilities and two of my three kid are not neuro-typical, I have an extra layer of wanting to be sure to include disability, to see visual representation of inclusion, and to talk about all of our different ways of expression in validating ways.

Say Something

Say Something is a children’s book that speaks of the many ways in which we can use our voice.

It includes literal examples of using our voices as well as figurative. It includes art expression, movement, creativity and justice as examples of using our voices.

I like this book because it:

  • Provides a way to engage my kids in how they can be strong, powerful agents of change
  • It is inclusive of race, disability and gender
  • Gives examples of ways to say something
  • Is clear, positive and promotes the value of each and every person

Video Review of Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds

Like I said in the video, I found this at my local library! It might be in yours, too. Look for it, request it of your library. It’s on Amazon of course (linked here).

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