The Deaf Response to Charlottesville

convo ASL response to Charlottesville

The racists marching in Charlottesville and Trump’s support of them has shaken America. This type of blatant racism, and top-down support has never been seen before in our lifetimes.

There are compelling and educational pieces being produced by major news outlets on all of the Charlottesville unfoldings. They are helpful for understanding, but for me, I liked this response by Convo best – because of the thread, the overall message, and the fact that it’s in ASL.

Response to Charlottesville

Actionable Items Right Here, Right Now

If you want something to do about this – besides teaching love and learning to be a change agent (which are really the most important long-term items and the hardest to actually accomplish), consider these 6 Things – I liked them the best out of all the articles and suggestions out there. They are simple, straightforward.

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