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Reviews by Meriah Nichols

Reviews by Meriah NicholsReviews

I’m an opinionated person. I’m also pretty talkative. Those two facts combined means that reviews are always going to be a feature on this site.

I review a lot of books. I also review gadgets, clothing, software, apps – you name it, I will probably write a post reviewing it!

In the interest of keeping my site running fast, I am keeping this page streamlined to a few reviews. Please click on “load more” at the bottom for more posts, and/or use the search feature on the top right hand corner to find something you are specifically looking for.

Want me to review something of yours? Contact me!

Marlee Matlin, Her Perfect Teeth, and CODA

Marlee Matlin’s perfect teeth almost scared me away. Glad they didn’t. CODA deserves all the awards.

A Movie Like Run: Riveting, Representing and Rupturing

This is a review of the movie, Run, starring Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allan, which is currently playing on Hulu. Spoilers are in this review! WHOAH! Run: A Movie with Some Pop Run is the first move in a long time to star an actual wheelchair user in a lead role, and that's pretty exciting [...]

The Best Sites to Learn ASL Online for Adults, Kids, Homeschoolers

Learning ASL has never been so accessible

Activism Against Ableism: A Short Film on Everything You Need to Know

This is a short video explaining what ableism is, the basic pieces behind disability rights, and what having a disability is, what a disability is. What is Ableism? Ableism is  prejudice against people with disabilities. Ableism is real, and exists even among people with disabilities, as we can internalize the ableism that is rampant in [...]

Apple Watch & Disability: Accessibility Reviews from Users with Disabilities

This is about the Apple Watch and Disability. There are accessibility reviews and opinions by users with disabilities. You will also find a table that compares the Apple Watch Series 5 with the Series 3. There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buy something using a link from the post, [...]

My Law of Attraction Project Planner: Review

This is a post about My Law of Attraction Project Planner. It is not a sponsored post; I purchased this planner myself and am currently using it. I love the concepts of the Law of Attraction (read Ask and it is Given for the big scoop). In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction is about [...]

A Review of the Phoenix Journal, a Planner for Personal Transformation

This is a post about The Phoenix Journal - the Daily Calendar & Agenda to Achieve Goals, Boost Happiness & Productivity - Gratitude Journal, Habit Tracker, Roadmap .  It is not a sponsored post; I purchased this planner myself and am currently using it. The Phoenix Journal 12 Week Planner I was originally completely mystified by [...]

7 of the Best Plastic Straw Alternatives for Replacing Plastic Straws

This is a post about the best plastic straw alternatives. There are affiliate links in this post. Read more in my disclosure. Replacing Plastic Straws: The Best Plastic Straw Alternatives 2018 was full of debate about plastic straws and what they mean for us in the disability community (read this one by Alice Wong to [...]

The Best Planner for a Blogger

This is a review post of Erin Condren Teacher's Deluxe Planner, used for blogging purposes. I was given the planner to review, but all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post. As a mom, a blogger and as a person with traumatic brain injury (TBI), I am constantly looking out for [...]

The Very Best Down Syndrome Book Resources

This post is about best Down syndrome book resources - from memoirs to resource books. It's intended for parents and professionals working with people with Down syndrome.  The ones that I most highly recommend I have put an * before. Remember: your local library should offer most of these books, and if they don't, you [...]

Target Adaptive Clothing for Kids and Adults with Disabilities and Special Needs

This post is about Target adaptive clothing, a line of clothes for kids and adults with disabilities and special needs that came out in October of 2017. There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buy something using a link from this post, I'll get a small percentage from Target. You [...]

Best Prime Day Deals with Disability in Mind

Affiliate links are in this post! That means that if you buy something using a link in my post, I'll get a percentage of the profit from Amazon (thanks Jeff!), but you pay no more. It's a great way to support the work I do, so thanks! Amazon Prime Day is coming up, a day [...]

You Know Why “The Shape of Water” is Compelling, Don’t You?

I am a member of Netflix #DVDNation. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are of course, my own. #ad  14 years ago, I lined up my first movie from Netflix. It was The Phantom of the Opera (2004) one of my all-time favorite movies. As a kid who grew up on the outside of things, [...]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Deaf Apps

This is a post about the best deaf apps. That is, the most useful, popular and widely-used apps by d/Deaf people. This post is US-focused, and covers only iPhone apps. Best Communication Apps Glide:  for texting and talking. P3 Mobile: for texting, talking and relay services. Includes ASL and clear-speech relays. Google Voice: for transcribing [...]

The Very Best Carriers for a Baby with Down Syndrome

The ultimate guide to the best carriers for a baby with Down syndrome reviews and compares the most popular baby wearing carriers for infants with Down syndrome: the k’tan, ErgoBaby, Moby, Baby Bjorn, lillebaby and more

Target Adaptive Clothing Line – How Is It for People with Down Syndrome?

This post is about Target adaptive clothing line There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buy something using a link from this post, this site will get a small percentage from Target. You won't pay any more money than if you had used a different link to get there, and [...]

The Best Stroller for a Child with a Disability

This post on the best stroller for a child with Down syndrome is NOT sponsored but there are affiliate links in it. I'm not writing this post as an ad; I'm writing it because I really do want newer parents to know this is the best rugged, long-term, high-weight-capacity stroller out there. The Best Stroller for [...]

Funniest Family Friendly Movies of All Time: 2017 Edition

Movies to pop in and laugh along with your kids at

Signing Time!

There is a large sign-language training program in Tucson, Arizona. I know this because in the year that I lived in that town, people would practically pee in their pants when they saw my ginormous hearing aids. They’d start to sign furiously. They refused to talk to me unless I was looking directly at them. …

Target vs Walmart: Top 10 Differences

In This Post You Will Find:I went to Walmart the other day. I needed something in the way of popsicle sticks, I knew they’d be open,  and I knew they’d have them.1. Quality: 2. Service: 3. Lighting: 4. Layout: 5. Carts: 6. Prices: 7. Food: 8. Clothes:9. Customers: 10. a.Lanesb. Lane Speed:  11. Emblematic of …

Review of Signing Time On Demand

Signing Time has a brand-spanking new feature: Signing Time on Demand. Yes, I am happy about this, and I’ll be even happier about it when we leave the US and are entirely dependent on this kind of internet-based feature.   They are promoting Signing Time On Demand by hosting an iPad giveaway with downloads – …


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