Self Care & Wellness

I’ve wandered into this thing called “self care” and taken a dive into “wellness”. I should have gotten into a long time ago.

Here are the posts I’ve written about it – click on “load more” for more.

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How to Force Yourself to Be More Grateful

If your heart is busting with gratitude - if you truly feel it in you - you won't actually have room for any other emotion. You can't be grateful and angry at the same time, it's impossible. It's one or the other. Grateful or angry. Grateful or jealous. Grateful or miserable. Grateful or_____ (fill-in the

The Best Captioned Fitness Programs

This post is about the best captioned fitness programs, focusing on BeachBody. There are affiliate links in this post. Nothing is linked that I don't use myself. Wellness and fitness are very important to me. Not just because I like the feeling of being strong, but because it directly heals my complex post traumatic stress

Running Out of Spoons: Self Care When You Have a Disability

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Here’s Why 2017 Didn’t Suck

To my friends, it looks like 2017 sucked for me. Breakup of a 10-year marriage, right?! Leaving the Lost Coast. Grieving the death of my brother, Dana. I mean, I lost my home and my marriage in 2017. Added to that, my closest friends don't live close to me, so I didn't have much support

Gaslighting: What it Is & How to Tell if You Are Being Gaslit

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A Morning Routine For Wellness

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The Best Personal Planners for 2018

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Mama Be Strong

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you know how I started up 'The Skinny Hippie" and it was going to be about wellness and weight loss? I thought it was hilarious that I was calling myself a skinny hippie since a) I'm not skinny and b) despite the

Transforming Lies Into Resistance: Part 2 in the “Self-Care in the Time of Liars” Series, by Naomi Ortiz

Audio reading of this post is available here (link to soundcloud) When the cochineal scale insect (Dactylopius coccus) invades, it looks like harmless white fluff, but really, it’s mission is to sink its mouthparts into a juicy nopal cactus pad and slowly suck out the life from the inside until it withers and dies. The

Self Care in the Time of Liars: Part 1: Surviving in the Liars Sandstorm, Guest Post by Naomi Ortiz


How to Meditate: Easy Ways for the Total Beginner

How to Meditate: Easy Ways for the Total Beginner

What to Do When Your Daily “Damage Report” Makes Your Teeth Clench

Suggestions for the would-be activist when getting overwhelmed seems like the easiest thing to do

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