Wellness & Self Care

Self Care & Wellness

I’ve wandered into this thing called “self care” and taken a dive into “wellness”. I should have gotten into a long time ago.

Here are the posts I’ve written about it – click on “load more” for more.

If you have questions, tap at me here.

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This is YOUR DISABILITY STORY: What Do You Want it To Say?

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You Ask, I Answer: How Can You Talk About Mental Illness?!

Talking about mental health


Here’s What Will Help You With Your Grief

A mostly-material smorgasbord of things that have helped me with grief.

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BirdBox: A Movie with Blind Advantage, from a Deaf Perspective

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The Best Captioned Fitness Programs

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Running Out of Spoons: Self Care When You Have a Disability

There are affiliate links in this post – and all that means ... Read more

Here’s Why 2017 Didn’t Suck

To my friends, it looks like 2017 sucked for me. Breakup of ... Read more

Gaslighting: What it Is & How to Tell if You Are Being Gaslit

"Gaslighting" is not a new term but it feels if it is, ... Read more

A Morning Routine For Wellness

I think the concept of us being the creators of our lives ... Read more

The Best Personal Planners for 2018

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